How to Make a Smell-Proof Bag | Best Guide in 2023

How to Make a Smell-Proof Bag

It would be best if you had a bag that looks attractive and suitable according to your personality. If you have an attractive bag that enhances your personality think this if your bag smells bad that impacts your personality. 

We all know that our bags get smelly over time. It is inevitable that our bags will get smelly because of the constant exposure to moisture and dust particles. The main problem with it is that we don’t have any way to keep our bags clean.

We can’t just throw away our bags and buy new ones when they become smelly, because they are expensive. So you must look at how to make your bag smell-proof.

Do you want to make your bag look nice or thinking about how to make a smell-proof bag? If yes, you can go ahead and do it. Do put eatable things in the bag for a longer time. Always clean your on a weekly basis because sometimes not cleaning your bag is the most common reason for making the smell.

However, you must consider making your bag smell-proof as well. Most people don’t care about the smell of their bags. The truth is that the smell of your bag does really affect your personality when you are with your friends or in the office as well.

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3 different ways how to make a smell-proof bag? 

First way

If you want to pack some food for the trip, you may want to put some items in a plastic bag. It is important to remember that the plastic bags used for packing food are not very durable. Therefore, they must be stored carefully to avoid damage.

If you place some of your food items in a plastic bag, you can use the same bag over and over again. It is also a good idea to wash the bag after each time that you use it. Washing the bag can help remove the odors from the plastic. It is a good idea to wash the bag with soap and water after each time that you use it.

After washing, you should pat the bag dry with a clean towel.

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Second way

Washing your bag within 10 days or 15 days will be the best way to make a smell-proof bag because when you wash your bag it will look new, get your germs and bacteria out from the bag and help to make a smell-proof bag.

Third way

You can try using a natural fragrance instead of using any perfume or cologne. You can also use the following to remove the smell of the bag:

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Materials Used To Make A Smell-Proof Bag

The most common thing will be used for making bags smell proof:

  • Silica gel.
  • Tallow.
  • Sugar and salt mixture.
  • Lime solution.
  • Salt.
  • Potato starch.

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Why Do We Need A Smell-Proof Bag?

“Smell-proof” bags are designed to keep your clothes and other items clean and fresh. However, it’s not just about keeping your clothes clean. It’s also about avoiding a nasty surprise in the middle of your travels.

The average person goes through at least some pairs of jeans and pants each year, and the average traveler spends an amount every year on clothing. What if you had to buy a new pair of pants every time you flew, and you couldn’t wear your favorite pair for more than a few days? Wouldn’t that be annoying? Well, that’s exactly what happens to many people who don’t use a smell-proof bag.


In conclusion, to make a smell-proof bag, you need to use a material that is very porous and breathable, which is why you should use a natural fiber, like cotton. The most important thing is to keep the bag clean and dry. If you want to learn more about this topic, read my blog on How to Make a Smell-Proof Bag.


  • How can I make a smell-proof bag?

    You can use any type of plastic bag. You can also use zip-top bags.

  • How do I wash my smell-proof bag?

    Wash the bag in cold water and let it dry.

  • What materials should I use for my bag?

    The best materials to use are cotton and nylon.